Through my personal life experiences; being a dad to surviving cancer, being overweight, and out of shape with no motivation to speak of. I managed to rise above the challenges in my life so that I could continue to be a dad for my kids.  With that, I am inspired to help others to become healthy in mind and body.

Starting off right!

Being a newbie in the gym can definitely be intimidating. Just remember that everyone is there to better themselves, and they were all beginners once, too. Most people start with a reason; A new year, new fitness resolutions, health issues, or simply therapeutic...  Starting a new workout routine or a new “diet” can be challenging. Especially when you don’t know where to start...  You’ll want to help your whole body promote endurance, balance and core strength. All you need is a little bit of floor space and a timer. And a good Personal Trainer.

Personal Training

I will keep you motivated and challenged by engaging you in goal-oriented and needs-based private personal training sessions. Building a training program that fits your needs, based on assessment of your history, so you can achieve your goals safely and effectively. I will guide you toward success whether your goal is injury prevention, athletic performance, physical fitness, or simply better health...