Push, Pull, Leg Method

If you are feeling frustrated with your current progress, try and switch it up… What is the push-pull leg method you ask…?  Well, to sum it up, a push-pull workout is one where you choose a muscle group and perform a set of exercises that use those muscles in a pushing direction. Then immediately or […]

Fitness For Beginners

Fitness For Beginners Most people start with a reason; A new year, new fitness resolutions Starting a new workout routine or a new “diet” can be challenging. Especially when you don’t know where to start…  You’ll want to help your whole body promote endurance, balance and core strength. All you need is a little bit […]


Stretching Stretching should be on the top of people’s healthy to-do lists…  Unfortunately it’s not… Adding it to your daily routine can be highly beneficial… It shows that post-workout stretching, where you hold a pose for 10 to 30 seconds. Also it can improve range of motion around your joints… Some call this “Static Stretching”… […]